Wise Care 365 Pro

Wise Care 365 PRO is a well-regarded and feature-rich program that can manage, speed up, clean, and secure your PC. In addition, a collection of crucial registry, disk, and other system tuneup tools for your PC are included in Wise Care 365 Pro. The best option to increase the performance of your PC is Wise Care 365 Pro, which is simple to use and has a super user-friendly interface. It will ensure the best possible condition and performance for your PC.

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Wise Care 365 Pro

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Wise Care 365

Wise care 365 safely cleans up useless files and improves the performance of your computer.

$29.95 $59.95


Wise Care 365 Pro

Wise Care 365 Pro nourishes performance improvement, data security, privacy, and usefulness.

$69.95 $129.95

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Wise Registry Cleaner

The Wise Registry Cleaner allows you to program automatic checks for mistakes in your Windows registry. You could program it to perform a scan daily at a specific time.

$29.95 $49.95

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Wise Data Recovery

Wise Data Recovery is free to use. However, a Pro license must be purchased if you require deep scans to recover data from a hard disk.

$79.95 $114.99


Wise Duplicate Finder

A WiseCleaner utility tool, the Wise Duplicate Finder, efficiently analyzes the computer and finds duplicate files. A utility for managing duplicate files that compares file names to locate and remove duplicate files.

$19.95 $39.99

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Wise Care 365 Portable

A collection of critical registry, disk, and other system utilities for your PC are included in Wise Care 365 Portable. It works well and is simple to use.

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Wise Folder Hider Pro

Use Wise Folder Hider to quickly conceal your files and folders. Prevent unwanted access to and destruction of your sensitive or important data.


Wise Disk Cleaner

Wise Disk Cleaner is a free disk cleaning tool designed to help you keep your disk clean by deleting unnecessary files.

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Wise Plugin Manager

You may manage the plugins in Google Chrome using the free Wise Plugin Manager application for the Windows operating system.

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Wise Memory Optimizer

Wise Memory Optimizer instantly determines and shows the amount of memory in use, available, and total for your computer. An excellent free software called Wise Memory Optimizer frees up RAM to improve your computer’s performance.

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Wise Game Booster

Boost PC performance for better and quicker gaming. A free PC tool called Wise Game Booster can help you optimize your computer, so your games run as smoothly as possible.

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Wise System Monitor

With Wise System Monitor, you can easily keep an eye on your PC’s primary hardware components, memory utilization, CPU usage, and all running processes.

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Wise PC 1stAid

The most frequent PC issues have been compiled by Wise PC 1stAid, a brilliant piece of software that guides you through their automatic resolution using reasoning.

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Wise Program Uninstaller

Wise Program Uninstaller is the ideal solution for deleting Windows apps. It enables rapid application removal, helps remove unwanted programs, or offers a forcible uninstall option for complex programs that Windows cannot remove.

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We respect your right to privacy, protect your financial and personal information, and accept several secure payment options.

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Wise Care 365 Pro provides a 60-day money-back guarantee. You can get the money back within 60 days of purchasing it.