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Questions & Answers about Buy, Refund, Auto-billing, and WiseCleaner product usage.

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General FAQs

You must add at least one Wise care 365 Pro item to your shopping basket. Before finding the discount code field and entering the code (you can see something similar to “Have a coupon or promotional code?” code here, please. or I have a coupon), don’t forget to click Update to make it active.
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In addition to Visa and MasterCard, we also take American Express, JCB, PayPal, Discover,, Carte Bleue, Direct Debit, Giropay, iDEAL, WebMoney, Cash at 7-Eleven/ACE, eCheck/ACH, UnionPay, Trustly, WeChat Pay, and others.

It is entirely safe! McAfee security checks our website for threats every day. In addition, we work with a third party,, to collect money. SSL encryption is used throughout the order process to safeguard all the data and information you provide.

If our items contain bugs or problems that prevent them from functioning correctly, we’ll still honor the 60-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee. But occasionally, due to inappropriate use, the software performs poorly. We firmly advise you to first reach out to our customer service for assistance with a thorough problem description. For more information on the WiseCleaner refund policy.

The steps below can be used to revoke the automatic renewal plan linked to your product at any time:

  • Use your order number and email address to search for your order. You can also locate your order using the credit card you used to make the purchase and the transaction date if you don’t have this information.
  • Select the “Order ID” of the most recent purchase of the item whose auto-renewal plan you want to cancel.
  • Select the product’s name.
  • Press the “cancel subscription” button.

You can also contact our support to stop your subscription from renewing automatically.

You will receive a copy of your confirmation email shortly. Keep this email for your records, please! Additionally, by looking up your order and selecting “receipt,” you can access a copy of your invoice.
  • These could be some of the causes: The letter with the license code went to the trash due to your email settings. Please look in that folder.
  • You might have entered an incorrect mailing address or email address on the order page.
  • Your email service provider may reject emails from unverified senders.

Contact our service, and we’ll assist you in locating the order.

You will receive a copy of your confirmation email shortly. Keep this email for your records, please! Additionally, by looking up your order and selecting “receipt,” you can access a copy of your invoice.
These could be some of the causes: 1. The letter with the license code went to the trash due to your email settings. Please look in that folder. 2. You might have entered an incorrect mailing address or email address on the order page. 3.Your email service provider may reject emails from unverified senders.

Contact our service, and we’ll assist you in locating the order.

These could be the causes: 1. You typed in the incorrect license code. Instead of directly entering the license code, we strongly advise Copy & Paste. Please make sure that the license code is followed by and preceded by a blank space. 2. You registered the program you wanted using a license code for another product. Please be sure to report the appropriate program with the correct licensing code.

For assistance, please get in touch with our support.

If you misplaced your license key, you can retrieve it by visiting the “Resend License” page. You can also ask our assistance to assist you in finding it. Please give us as much information as possible about your purchase, including your order ID, email address, etc.

No, you only need to activate the program once. After that, you can install and remove software whenever you like. However, if you reinstall the operating system, you must activate the software again.

To cancel it, you can get assistance from our customer care.

We always give our discounts to customers when they renew. Through the Renew License page, customers can continue their license key. Your current subscription will be automatically renewed for an additional 12 months, and your existing license key will remain in effect.

You only need to cover the old version if the update is modest, such as the transition from version 2.1 to version 2.3. Install the most recent version first, then uninstall the older one if it is a big update, such as the transition from version 2.1 to version 3.1, to ensure that the new features can function correctly.

Wise Care 365

Start Wise Care 365 for free. Select the “Upgrade to PRO” link in the top right corner. Fill out the form with your name, email address, and license key (copy & paste). To activate the full version, click “Register.”

This is a result of your prior use of pirated or cracked software or registration codes. Please try to fix the problem using the instructions below.


  1. Close Wise Care 365 Pro.
  2. Access the C: WindowsSystem32drivers directory.
  3. Move the host file to your desktop.
  4. Open the host file in Notepad, remove the Wise Care 365 Pro content, and save the file.
  5. Replace the existing host file with this new one by copying it to C: WindowsSystem32driversetc.
  6. Implement Wise Care 365.

Because Google Chrome Saved Passwords of Common Cleaner was checked and Avast has a password protection feature, it will let you know. Please refer to the methods below to resolve this issue.

  • Launch Wise Care 365.
  • Click “Common Cleaner” on the left side after switching to the System Cleaner page.
  • Select “Web Browser Trace” under Expand Traces on Computer.
  • Deselect the box next to “Chrome Saved Passwords.”

We DO NOT advise clearing up the browser’s saved passwords if it’s not required.

When you launch SmartCare 365, the floating window will automatically be shown. Three techniques can be used to conceal it.

Method 1: Click “Exit Floating Window” when right-clicking on the floating window.

Method 2: Right-click the Wise Care 365 Tray icon in the window’s notification area. To remove the green mark, click Show Floating Window next.

Method 3: You will have to launch Wise Care 365 Pro first, and then you will have to click right away on the custom icon in the upper right corner. After doing all these clicks, now you have to click on the custom icon in the upper right corner. Finally, in a nutshell, you must click the tray tab, and deselect automatically display floating windows when Wise Care 365 is operating.

Users of Wise Care 365 can alter the display options. Two approaches exist.

Method 1: To customize a “floating window,” click the down arrow next to the option and select the item you wish to display by clicking the “Menu icon” in the top right corner of the “main window,” “Settings” then “Tray”. Finally, remember to save your settings.

Method 2: Find the customized “Floating Windows” item by clicking Settings on the left after right-clicking the floating window. To display in a floating window, you can select “CPU Usage”, CPU Temperature, or Disk Temperature.

Please pick your nation and city by clicking the Menu -> Settings -> Boot Booster tab.

Wise Care 365 Pro allows users to set their favorite photo as the theme and supports customized photo themes. Open Wise Care 365, select your favorite photo, then click the Themes icon in the top right corner.

Over 34 languages are supported by Wise Care 365, including English, French, and German. In addition, Wise Care 365 will automatically adapt to your system’s language when you first launch it. Additionally, you may manually switch between languages by selecting Languages from the drop-down list after choosing the Custom symbol in the top right corner.

Wise Care 365 often checks for updates automatically when it is opened. You can manually check for updates by clicking the Custom icon in the top right corner and selecting Check for updates from the drop-down menu.

You may view the expiration date of your license key by selecting About from the menu in the top right corner of the main window.

The license key can be changed relatively easily. Open Wise Care 365 Pro, select Custom from the top right menu, choose Change license key, enter your new registration details (Name, Email, and License key), and click Register.

You can use PC Checkup to detect objects that could use optimization and potential security issues, then correct them with a single click. The checkup items can be altered.

Open Wise Care 365 Pro, click Custom in the top right corner, pick Settings from the drop-down menu, select the Custom Checkup tab, expand the options, and then deselect the things you don’t want. After saving adjustments, exit the window by clicking the Save option.

You can change the default weather unit from Fahrenheit to Celsius. We launched Wise Care 365 Pro. Then, under the General tab, under the Temperature Unit item, click the drop-down arrow and choose °C. Finally, click the Save button to save your adjustments and dismiss the window.

Neither Mac OS, Linux, nor Wise Care 365 supports Windows R.T.

  1. Any P.C. running Microsoft Windows XP or later can run Wise Care 365.
  2. Windows 10 (by Microsoft) (32-bit and 64-bit) Technical Preliminary
  3. Windows 8 by Microsoft (32-bit and 64-bit) Professional/Enterprise
  4. Windows 7 by Microsoft (32-bit and 64-bit) Basic, Home Premium, Professional, and Ultimate
  5. Microsoft® Windows® Vista (32-bit and 64-bit) (32-bit and 64-bit) Beginning, Home Basic, Home Premium, Business, and Ultimate
  6. Microsoft Windows XP with SP2/SP3 or Home/Professional/Media Center

Wise Care 365 Pro is straightforward and convenient to use. We ensure the privacy and security of your device. In addition, you can buy the lifetime package deal.

10% Additional Off

Buy WiseCare 365 Pro Lifetime license for 3 PCs. Use this coupon and save more than 10%. This coupon code will be applicable only for this deal.

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Expired on: 08/31/2022

Wise Anti Malware Service

Close the Wise Anti Malware main window, launch Windows Task Manager, pick the Services tab, locate the WiseAntiMalwareService, and then click the right mouse. If you encounter the “Engine failed to start” error. Then verify with Wise Anti-Malware. If the procedure fails, please open the Wise Anti Malware folder, often located at C: Program Files Wise Anti-Malware.

Please close the Wise Anti Malware main window if you get the “Engine doesn’t exist” error. A folder named “C: Program FilesWise Anti Malware Save Engine on access” should be opened. You must restart the computer once you right-click on on-access-drivers-uninstall. Cmd and select “Run as administrator.” Open the C: Program Files, WiseAnti Malware Save Engine in the access folder after the machine restarts. 

Run as an administrator by selecting On-Access-Drivers-Install. cmd from the context menu. To check, launch Wise Anti-Malware. If the procedure fails, please open the Wise Anti Malware folder, which is often located at C: Program Files. Please run WiseWise Anti Malware, find the svr.log, and submit it to us.

Wise Disk Cleaner

Disk Cleaner only scans the objects you choose in Classic mode. All things are examined in a clean manner, but only the default items are selected. Therefore, even though some items have scan results, when you click clean, only those chosen default items are cleaned (e.g., cookies).
Whenever you use the internet, edit a document, launch software, delete files from the recycle bin, or even start the computer, the system creates temporary files and trash files on the C drive. If you don’t clean them, movement C will become progressively slower. To free up space on your C drive, Wise Disk cleaner can assist you in clearing up these trash/temporary files, browser cache files, the Recycle Bin, etc.
Whenever you use the internet, edit a document, launch software, delete files from the recycle bin, or even start the computer, the system creates temporary files and trashes files on the C drive. If you don’t clean them, movement C will become progressively slower. To free up space on your C drive, Wise Disk Cleaner can assist you in clearing up these trash/temporary files, browser cache files, the Recycle Bin, etc.
Some files cannot be erased because they are currently in use. These files are typically found in Windows or the user’s temporary directories. The Wise Disk Cleaner will inform you how many files cannot be erased after completing the clean. To ensure that it is safe to delete these files, it is advised that you run Wise Disk Cleaner in safe mode before deciding whether to do so.

Some files can’t be deleted because other programs need them. These files typically reside in temporary directories created by users or by Windows. Please close all other running programs before using Wise Disk Cleaner in safe mode to remove them.

Wise Registry Cleaner

You can build a system restore point or a full registry backup by opening Wise Registry Cleaner v9 and selecting Menu-Backup. Additionally, you can opt to repair the registry or a system fix point by clicking Restore instead.
This error message could appear after doing registry defragmentation. This is because the security program (antivirus software) is guarding the registry and preventing wise registry cleaning from defragmenting the registry, which is the cause.
Since new registry entries will be created when you install an application and uninstall the application, these entries need to be instantly removed. Unfortunately, things don’t always go as planned. You may occasionally discover that some applications cannot delete their registry entries. Then, these entries are no longer relevant. The Windows Registry starts to accumulate outdated and invalid data over time. Over time, the Registry becomes clogged with this erroneous data, slows down Windows, compromises PC performance, and results in other issues. Therefore, it is suggested that you frequently wipe your Windows registry to maintain your computer’s peak efficiency.
It is, indeed. The auto-backup feature is included in Wise Registry Cleaner. When you click the Clean button, Wise Registry Cleaner automatically backs up the registry items to be deleted before removing them. If one program still has issues, you can fix them by restoring the registry.
When you select the Backup button and click Create full registry backup, an entire backup file of the registry will be created. Since this is a backup of your complete registry, it will take much longer to fully back the registry the longer you use the computer and the more procedures you have installed.
Access the Anyone folder. Type “Wise Registry Cleaner” in the percent AppData percent field. Backspace in the address bar then hit Enter. You may then view every registry backup file.

It does, indeed.

  • Open Wise Registry Cleaner, choose System Tuneup, and then select Optimize to optimize all components, including SSD.
  • Simply choose the following five options if all you want to do is optimize your SSD:
  • To extend the life of an SSD, stop defragmenting the system drive when it boots.
  • To prolong the life of an SSD, disable auto defragmentation while not in use.
  • Limit SuperFetch parameters to prolong the life of an SSD.
  • Prefetch parameters should be disabled to prolong the life of an SSD.
  • To enhance the functionality of an SSD, enable the TRIM function.

Next, select the Optimize button.

Over 44 languages are supported by Wise Registry Cleaning, including English, French, and German. In addition, the Wise Registry Cleaner will automatically detect your system language when you launch it for the first time. Additionally, you may manually switch between languages by selecting Languages from the drop-down menu after choosing the Menu symbol in the top right corner.
The Wise Registry Cleaner often checks for updates automatically when it is opened. However, you can manually check for updates by selecting the Menu symbol in the top right corner and choosing Check for updates from the drop-down menu. You can also set the bottom-positioned “Check for Update” button.
Network services and preferences are stored in the Windows Registry, a hierarchical database on Microsoft Windows operating systems. It has options for platform-running programs that use the registry and low-level operating system components. The kernel, device drivers, services, SAM, user interface, and third-party applications can use the registry. The registry also gives users access to counters for overall system monitoring.

Wise Folder Hider Free

We can assist you in recovering your password, whether it’s the primary or backup. For instructions on how to retrieve your password, click here.
UAC (user account control), a security feature in Windows 7 and later operating systems, help stop potentially malicious apps from altering your computer. Drag a file or folder into Wise Folder Hider to hide it when UAC is disabled. Although the security of Windows 8 is more robust than that of Windows 7, you cannot drag files or folders into Wise Folder Hider if UAC is disabled. The actions listed below assist you in managing UAC: Drag the Change User Account Control Settings button to the bottom after selecting Start > Control Panel > User Account and Family Safety > User Accounts.
Make a backup password for each hidden file or folder to increase security. If any hidden files or folders are on a portable device, we strongly suggest you set a second password for each.
Don’t stress over it. You can have them returned. To find them, you simply need to reinstall Wise Folder Hider.

Unless you format the disc, the concealed files are stored on your local disc. Therefore, please attempt the following procedures to recover them and ensure you are running Wise Folder Hider v4.

1. To download the recovery tool, go here.

2. Launch the rehabilitation program.

3. Select the drive where the data is hidden, then keep accessing it until the hidden file appears.

4. Select “Move to…” when right-clicking on the hidden file.

5. Choose a different location and save the file.

Please contact the support staff if you were using Wise Folder Hider version 3 or an earlier version.

Wise Folder Hider Pro

Please click “Forgot Password” if you can’t remember your login information. The password reset link will automatically be sent to your registered email address. Please reply if you don’t receive the email.

1. Verify that the email address you registered with is active.

2. Add to your list of approved email addresses.

3. Verify the Spam and Inbox folders.

Please get in touch with our support if you lose the second password (the file password), and they will assist you in getting it back.
Not to worry. The concealed files won’t be eliminated. Install Wise Folder Hider Pro once more so you may view all hidden files.
No, I’m sorry. The Pro edition of Wise Folder Hider is safer than the free version. Therefore, there is no longer a need for the free version.
We apologize, but there isn’t a trial version of Wise Folder Hider Pro. It must be bought in advance. It is advised that you install it. A 60-Day Money Back Guarantee is available. After purchasing, you can ask for a refund if you don’t like it.
Please select the box next to Encrypt the hidden file in the Settings menu if you use V3. If you’re using V4, click the Excrypt File tab, choose New from the bottom menu, and then select Create. Drag any files or folders you want to decrypt into this encrypted folder at this point.

Wise Duplicate Finder

As the name implies, it only compares the file name and size. partially match the file’s contents and the MD5 hash. Ultimately, make sure MD5 and the entirety of the file’s contents match.

The Keep One feature is the only distinction between Wise Duplicate Finder’s Free and Pro editions.

Before deleting files, Wise Duplicate Finder allows file backups. Please verify the following three settings if it doesn’t do a backup:

  • Select Settings from the menu, then activate the second option, “Auto backup selected file before permanently deleting.”
  • There is enough storage space for the backup folder.
  • Delete files using the Delete Selected button at the bottom rather than the Delete this file option in the context menu.

The Wise Duplicate Finder doesn’t create a backup of a file if you opt to delete it with the right-click menu.

If you have access to the network disc, Wise Duplicate Finder may locate duplicate files there. Please click the Add Folder button after scrolling to the bottom and typing the network drive address into the pop-up window.

Wise Hotkey

Ctrl, Alt, or Win must be present in the key combinations. In addition, two or three keys should be used in key combinations.
The shortcut you typed might not work due to default Windows settings, such as the inability to set Win + R as a shortcut. Please test several combination locks.
Due to Windows system issues, it would help if you tried setting Alt as a hotkey two or three times.
Right-click the tray icon when Wise Hotkey is running and deselect the option to Auto Run when PC Boots.

If the software you’re looking for isn’t listed, click the Add Application button, navigate to its location, choose its executable file, and click Open.


If the software you’re looking for isn’t listed, simply click the Add Application button, navigate to its location, choose its executable file, and click Open

Wise Program Uninstaller

When the uninstallation procedure is complete, Wise Software Uninstaller will check the uninstalled program’s leftovers (files and registries) and prompt you to click Remove to get rid of them. Next, open Wise Program Uninstaller, click on the program you wish to remove, and then click the Safe Uninstall button.

A Safe Uninstall entails using the original program to remove it, followed by a residue scan and cleanup. The register list and all associated files will be searched for and deleted during a force uninstall. Use of Safe Uninstall, which is a safer method, is advised. It is recommended to make a system backup first and only use power uninstall when safe uninstall fails.

Some apps’ uninstalling processes did not altogether remove all linked files. Some of them will continue to be maintained in the registry list or other locations, making it difficult for regular cleaning software to locate and remove them. After performing a standard uninstall, a wise program uninstaller runs a second scan to identify and remove any leftovers. This will guarantee that everything is cleaned thoroughly.

Wise Data Recovery

Open the Wise data recovery folder, choose the drive where the lost files are located, click Scan, find the folder in the left column, choose the images that need to be recovered in the right column, and then click Recover. Select the Recover button. Alternately, enter the file extension in the search box to the right of the header area to locate the photographs that need to be recovered.

The only prerequisite is that the file system must be NTFS or FAT. Wise Data Recovery can recover several devices, including local discs, USB discs, memory cards, and portable devices.


A file is recorded on the storage device in two parts: directory information, which includes the file name, timestamp, and size information, among other things, and data content. Corrupted directory information is one potential cause if the files with the original file names and folder structures cannot be opened. With the Deep Scan, there is still a chance to recover the data. Please check More Files in the left pane after the deep scan, select the type of file you wish to recover, do so in the right pane, and then click Recover. Please see How to Utilize Deep Scan to Restore Files for more information.
No, it’s strongly advised that you save the recovered files to a different drive. However, you can relocate it to the original industry following restoration. Any modifications to the drive would affect or harm the storage structure of the lost files. For example, the original data structures and content would be altered or overwritten if you saved the recovered files to the same drive, resulting in permanent data loss. As a result, you should get another disc ready to save the files.

Data Recovery with Wise, but not all of them can be restored, can discover numerous lost files from your device.

Good: the file can be recovered.

Not good: file that is probably recoverable

very poor: It’s difficult to recover the file.

The file is lost and cannot be retrieved.

Wise Data Recovery can recover a wide variety of files, including documents (Word, Excel, Text, etc.), emails, audio, videos, archives, and photos/images (BMP, jpg, gif, etc.).

Wise Force Deleter

No, Wise Force Erase could only delete individual files, not folders.
Open Wise Force Deleter, move all files from the folder you wish to erase into it, and then click Unlock & Delete. After that, you could manually delete the empty folder.

No, Wise Force Delete allows for batch processing.

Press the Shift key while clicking the final file, then choose the first file. Then, on press the Ctrl + A keys. 

Click the space and drag the mouse to select all files. Please click the Add button when all files have been chosen. All files in the folder will be added to Wise Force Deleter.

No, all files in Wise Force Delete will be unlocked and removed when you click the Unlock & Delete option. If you want to delete one file, you must select all other files and then click the Remove button. Then, using Wise Force Delete, you can only delete that one file.
Please disable the UAC if you are using Windows Vista or 7. (User Account Control). For further information, please see this article: How to Modify User Account Control Preferences. Unfortunately, there is currently no solution available for Windows 8/8.1/10 users while we are working to find one.

Wise Auto Shutdown

At the moment, the mainframe’s power supply is ATX. When a PC is turned off, ATX maintains a weak current rather than turning it off. This has been used as a standby power paradigm. Using standby power, users could control the computer’s power source in addition to the PC’s operating system through software. Additionally, it enables power supply management via networking. The PC modem would receive a remote control signal, and the monitor circuit would activate the power by 5 volts to turn on the computer. This is how remote control is made possible. Users may also turn on computers using keypads if the motherboard supports keyboard switches.
When you want to resume working, a computer can swiftly restart the full-power operation from the power-saving mode known as sleep (usually within a few seconds). Like pausing a DVD player, putting your computer into sleep mode causes it to quickly stop what it is doing and make itself ready to resume when you want to get back to work. The power-saving state of hibernation was created primarily for laptops. Hibernation stores your open files and running programs on your hard drive before turning off your computer, whereas sleep keeps your work and settings in memory and uses very little power. As a result, hibernation is one of Windows’ power-saving states that utilizes the least energy overall. When you know, you won’t be using your laptop, put it into hibernate mode.

Wise Memory Optimizer

De-select Clean clipboard while optimizing by opening Wise Memory Optimizer, selecting Settings in the top right, and then clicking.

There are two prerequisites in general.

  • There is not enough free memory. It can be set independently.
  • The CPU is not in use. It indicates that the CUP usage is below 5% and that 5 minutes have been kept.

Wise JetSearch

Wise JetSearch enables wildcard * and? searches if you can’t remember the file name. For instance, if the file is called wise cleaner, you can type wise* to scan all local drives if you don’t pick a disc.

Please include the path to the folder in the keywords box if you wish to search for all files contained therein. For instance, K: WiseCleanerWise Icons

Enter the path and file type if you want to search for a certain kind of file. For instance, K:WiseCleanerWise Icons*.png

To make this option unchecked, open Wise JetSearch, click the Menu in the top right corner and then choose Run Quick Search.
We apologize, but Wise JetSearch only allows you to search for files on local drives.

The built-in search feature in Windows is true. However, it searches pretty slowly. Windows Search is significantly slower than Wise JetSearch.

Wise Game Booster

Open Wise Game Booster, choose your game with the Add Game button and click Open.

Restarting services can be done in these ways.

To start a service, click the Start button under the Restore button in the upper right corner of the screen. Alternatively, you can select Resume All Services to start all services simultaneously.

Restarting the computer is a second option.


Wise Reminder

Open Wise Reminder, click the add button in the top right corner, enter your reminder information, and click Save to initiate the reminder.
You can, indeed. Choose a reminder, click the right arrow icon to read the details, click Voice Prompts’ drop-down menu, choose Custom, click the three dots button, choose your favorite song, and then click Save.

Wise Video Converter

Video Converter Wise supports all widely used video formats, including MPEG2, AVI, MP4, FLV, WMV, RMVB, and MKV.

For instance, it can convert AVI, FLV, WMV, RMVB, MKV, WebM, MOV, M4V, MP4, and other file types to MP4 and other formats.

Yes, Wise Video Converter can convert videos to MP3 in addition to other formats. Any video format can be converted to MP3. For instance, it can convert MOV, M4V, MP4, and AVI to MP3 formats.
  1. Drag a video onto the icon of the device you want to convert it for.
  2. Select the movie you wish to convert by clicking a device icon, then browse.
  3. Click the Add button at the bottom of the Converting tab.

You can switch between the languages by clicking the menu and choosing the desired language.

Additionally, you can modify the languages under Menu-Settings.

Within 30 minutes, videos can be converted using the free version. But it does not restrict the volume of converted videos.

Wise PC 1stAid

Open Wise PC 1stAid, choose your issue from the list, click the icon, review the warning, and then click the Fix Now button to fix the problem.
You can directly chat with us if you face any problem or if Wise PC 1stAid is unable to resolve it. In addition, other users may be able to assist you. Click the Seek Answers button on the right, then enter your contact information, a description of your issue, and a screenshot before pressing the Submit button.
All submitted questions will be listed under the “Direct Chat” icon in the bottom right. If someone responds to your question, the My Question button will flash, and will email you to let you know. In addition, a pop-up notification will appear if Wise PC 1stAid is installed on your computer.

Wise System Monitor

When you choose the option to Display System Processes, both user processes and system processes will be shown.
When you move the mouse pointer over a process, a drop-down arrow will appear at its back. When you click the arrow, three options will appear End Process, Block Network Access, and Detailed Info.

Wise Plugin Manager

Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera are the four common browsers that Wise Plugin Manager supports.
The Wise Plugin Manager offers the ON/OFF and uninstall options for controlling browser plugins. You can enable or disable the plugin by clicking the ON/OFF button. The trash icon indicates that you can only uninstall plugins.

Other users’ remarks are displayed in the stars that follow the plugins. Better reviews and more excellent utility result from more stars being chosen.

By clicking on those stars, you can read every comment. You could even leave your reviews for other users to read.