Wise Folder Hider Pro Review

Professional File/Folder Hidden & Encryption Tool

Wise Folder Hider Pro is a straightforward piece of software that lets you hide files. Personal files, images, movies, and other data from your PC can be hidden or encrypted.

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Wise Folder Hider Pro Review - Easy Hide Folders or Files

Wise Folder Hider’s namesake is self-explanatory, you’ve undoubtedly already understood what it does.

If you didn’t, then be aware that it’s a simple piece of software that enables you to conceal files.

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Windows already has a straightforward method of hiding stuff on your computer, but it’s not very useful because you can adjust its appearance by checking a box. Your enhanced security is what Wise Folder Hider seeks to offer.

Here, we will briefly share the Wise Folder Hider Pro review. Don’t go anywhere, stay here to get the most updated and balanced review.

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System Requirements for Wise Folder Hider

The system requirements list is something you need to take into account anytime you attempt to install new programs on your computer.

In addition, you can determine if your PC can run a particular utility from this requirement set.

Let’s look at the prerequisites your PC needs to meet to run Wise Folder Hider since it has its own list of requirements.

The technical specifications for this utility are simple, as you’ll see for yourself. In other words, if your computer can run Windows XP at least, chances are pretty good that it can also run Wise Folder Hider.

A Guide to Using Wise Folder Hider

Utilizing Wise Folder Hider is not too difficult. You’ll see the main window divided into two areas after you launch it and enter your password. You can either hide your files or encrypt them, depending on which part you’re in right now.

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Drag and drop a file or folder over the empty area of the “Conceal File” screen to hide it on your computer. The application will then conceal the item of your choice.

Additionally, it will compile a list of every file you’ve hidden so you can access it quickly.

For even more protection, you can set passwords for each file you’ve added to the program. This will ensure that if someone were to crack your global app password, they’d still have to go through one more layer of security to get to your file.

Wise Folder Hider Installation Instructions

The most significant part is how simple it is to install on your PC. Given you have already installed the installer, follow these instructions.

I’m done now! Without more assistance, the procedure’s remaining steps take place automatically. Remember that you’ll be asked to restart your computer after the installation. You can stop this procedure because the software doesn’t need to restart.

Wise Folder Hider Demo Version

Finding a tool that seems to be precisely what you’re looking for and then learning that you have to pay to utilize it is annoying. As a result, offering customers a trial was an outstanding solution in this case.

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You will be happy to know that a Wise Folder Hider trial edition is available. So, before thinking about upgrading to the complete version, you can download and test this version on your PC. Although there is no time restriction for this trial, there are certain restrictions on how the program can be used.

Wise Folder Hider Pro

3 Computer
$ 19
1 Year License validity period
  • Double Password Protection
  • Hide Files & Folders
  • Hide USB Drive
  • Encrypt Files & Folders
  • Free to Retrieve the Forgotten Password
  • Automatic Updates
  • Premium Tech Support

However, these functions appear to be only “extras,” as their absence doesn’t necessarily impact the utility’s core operation. The Wise Folder Hider can still be used to do the following:

Wise Folder Hider is just for you if you are very concerned about your data privacy. We also have a solution for your data recovery as well, Wise Data Recovery Review, get all the details on how you can recover your data through Wise Data Recovery. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Not to worry. The concealed files won’t be eliminated. Install Wise Folder Hider Pro once more so you may view all hidden files.

No, I’m sorry. The Pro edition of Wise Folder Hider is safer than the free version. Therefore, there is no longer a need for the free version.

The latest version of this utility software is Wise Folder Hider Pro V 4.3.4.


With the aid of Wise Folder Hider Pro, you can conceal critical or significant files and folders on local partitions and removable media. In addition, the powerful encryption mechanism can prevent third-party tools from discovering your hidden files or folders. Download now!

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