Wise Game Booster Review

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Utilizing Wise Game Booster will enhance your gaming experience. To maintain your PC’s optimum gaming performance, stop startup processes, free up RAM, and optimize your network.

Version: 1.5.7       Size: 3.64 MB

Wise Game Booster Review - Best video game optimization tool for PC

Wise Game Booster won’t work miracles, but it will assist your system in running as efficiently as possible and improve game performance by shutting down any unnecessary apps and services it finds. 

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The game you’re playing will receive more excellent system resources from your computer. It is easy to use but incredibly powerful. When you go through with our Wise Game Booster Review, you will understand the value of this software:

Indeed, it will immediately improve the performance of your PC while directing all system resources solely toward the game you are currently playing.

Advantages and Disadvantages:

There are many advantages and disadvantages, but a few are listed below:



Wise Game Booster

1 Computer
$ 00
- License validity period
  • Simple But Effective Game Booster
  • Add Games to Wise Game Booster
  • Stabilize & Speed Up Your System
  • End Useless Processes
  • Irrelevant Services
  • Manual optimization suggestions
  • Service Resume

Overview of Wise Game Booster

An optimization tool created specifically for gamers is called Wise Game Booster. The program can enhance the game’s performance by tweaking the system.

The system’s stability and speed can be improved. By terminating the programs consuming all of the available memory, processes can be streamlined depending on current memory use.

Windows Services can be adjusted to cease those that are active but not required for the Windows operating system’s core functions.

The program may search for installed games automatically and list them under the “My Games” menu.

There is also the option to manually add games that were not found with a search or to re-scan later. Each game gets its related icon.

The number of tweaks and improvements is pretty impressive, nicely laid out, and apparent to the user, who can approve the changes one by one in most cases.

Fastest Optimization

Select Optimize The System, Service, and Process Optimizer menus provide a wide range of individual options with descriptions of what each does accomplish.

Wise Game Booster’s optimization procedures are executed simultaneously. As a result, you can quickly restart a service if it halts PC stability or performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Open Wise Game Booster, choose your game with the Add Game button, and click Open.

To start a service, click the Start button under the Restore button in the upper right corner of the screen. Alternatively, you can select Resume All Services to start all services simultaneously. Your gaming experience will be improved by using Wise Game Booster.


In essence, Wise Game Booster releases RAM and processor resources, allowing it to enhance your PC for any resource-intensive operation, not just video games.

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