Wise Memory Optimizer Review

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Wise Memory Optimizer will perform memory optimization on your PC. Keep reading this Wise Memory Optimizer Review to learn more. You will learn about the advantages this software offers you.

Version: 4.1.7     Size: 5.58MB

Wise Memory Optimizer Review - Next Level Optimizer

Wouldn’t pushing a single button to be more straightforward than using Ctrl-Alt-Del to close apps when your PC is acting strangely?

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The Wise Memory Optimizer will optimize your computer’s memory as frequently as you desire. So, stay connected and read more in this Wise Memory Optimizer Review. You will get to know how this software will be beneficial to you.

An Overview of Wise Memory Optimizer

The Wise Memory Optimizer enables you to release and optimize the physical memory used by some pointless programs to improve PC speed. Wise Memory Optimizer can carry out its duties in line with your preferences and the actual workings of your computer.

Both beginners and experts will find it quite simple to use. It is able to automatically optimize RAM in the background. Able to release the maximum amount of RAM. Added a dynamic real-time chart to display the state of your memory.

All users benefit from quick, effective, and straightforward apps, except those who enjoy fiddling with and modifying numerous settings. For example, the Settings icon in Wise Memory Optimizer gives you access to a few locations, but none of them will allow you to change how or what the program does to free up RAM.

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You can specify how the program will act when Windows starts up or when the primary window is closed. Additionally, you may choose whether the optimization procedure includes a clipboard cleanup or not. Finally, you can choose whether you want the software to operate automatically.

Every time your RAM drops below a predetermined threshold, Auto Optimization will optimize it. You won’t have to worry about running out of RAM anymore because it will monitor your RAM utilization and carry out its one-click optimization process covertly in the background.

Advantage & Disadvantages

There are also some advantages and disadvantages to using a Wise Memory Optimizer.  Our tech experts put a hawk’s eye on every thick and thin of the Wise Memory Optimizer. However, after careful evaluation, we have listed some advantages and disadvantages:



Wise Memory Optimizer

1 Computer
$ 00
- License validity period
  • Neat User Interface
  • Super Easy to Use
  • Defrag memory to boost performance
  • Automatic Tune-up & Optimization RAM
  • Low CPU Usage
  • Comes With A Portable Version
  • Free & Compatible All Windows

Every software program has some drawbacks that could interfere with your job, but whether you can make some concessions in exchange for the benefits is entirely up to you.

First, you must have chosen the choice after weighing the advantages and disadvantages. Continue reading if you want to know more about the Wise Memory Optimizer and the procedures you must follow to get duplicate files off your computer.

Top Features

You can select your chosen language and access some basic options. The Wise Memory Optimizer can be set up to start automatically and can instantly reduce memory usage.

The user interface of this program is clean and easy to use. It graphs your system’s memory on a pie chart to show you how much memory is being used and how much is available. You must click a sizable green button to maximize the use of your memory.

You can instruct the program to optimize your RAM when it hits critical levels while it’s open. As a result, you’ll never experience a crash while working on something.

While we thought this tool was beneficial, there were a few issues. First, you won’t know what’s causing the problems because it lacks diagnostic functionality and hard drive analysis tools. It doesn’t exactly explain how it improves performance without shutting off programs.

If you’re an overclocker, this program won’t amaze you much because you can probably accomplish most of its tasks without much difficulty. However, if viewing system processes in Task Manager feels like reading Latin, you’ll adore it.

Frequently Asked Questions

De-select Clean clipboard while optimizing by opening Wise Memory Optimizer, selecting Settings in the top right, and then clicking.

There are two prerequisites in general.

  • There is not enough free memory. It can be set independently.
  • The CPU is not in use. It indicates that the CUP usage is below 5% and that 5 minutes have been kept.

The latest version of this utility software is Wise Memory Optimizer V 4.1.7.


Anyone who notices that their system slows down when they use it for a longer time can utilize Wise Memory Optimizer. Instead of restarting your computer to restore the fast boot time, you may easily set up this free portable memory optimization software. You don’t even need to get your hands filthy with automation. Enable automatic optimization and specify the free RAM threshold at which optimization should begin.

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