Wise Program Uninstaller Review

Safely & Completely Remove Windows Applications

There is no need for installation. Even if the software isn’t listed in the Control Panel, you may still delete it from your computer using this simple and compact application.

Version: 3.1.1    Size: 10.5MB

Wise Program Uninstaller Review - For Windows

Uninstalling software can sound simple, although it never gives you some tricky tasks. Here, our tech experts analyze Wise Program Uninstaller.

Now you are reading the Wise Program Uninstaller review, which was published after an exclusive series of checks and balances.

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Your PC becomes clogged with leftover files from removed software, slowing it down. Therefore, it is advised to install a potent software uninstaller. 

WiseCleaner, a software firm with operations in the U.S. and China, created Wise Program Uninstaller. One of the company’s most well-known system optimization tools is the Wise Program Uninstaller.

The Wise Program Uninstaller has gained popularity globally and contributed to the growth of WiseCleaner’s brand value because it is free. We evaluate the software uninstaller according to standards, such as features, cost, customer service, etc.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Your computer’s Wise Program Uninstaller is a powerful uninstalling utility. It removes unnecessary programs and deletes all associated data. Controlling which apps stay on your PC or not is a valuable feature.



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Wise Program Uninstaller Overview

As an upgrade, Wise Program Uninstaller is an alternative. When you launch the software for the first time, essential options and metrics are presented. For instance, the bottom status bar displays information about the amount of space used and the number of installed and running apps. The two primary uninstall methods are forceful and safe.

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The Wise Program Uninstaller also has an excellent in-app support section. If you have questions about how to use a product or have suggestions for improvement, you may message the company’s support staff straight from the app. A notice will be sent to you when the team responds.

Safe uninstall enables you to delete any related files, directories, and registry entries while guiding you through the standard removal procedure.

Unfortunately, forced uninstalls are more frequently performed when programs are more resistant to being removed. Although reinstalling will likely yield more consistent results, Wise Program Uninstaller provides a repair option for complicated installations.

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The touch screen is not overly complex, somewhat uncluttered, and free of extraneous features or buttons. We also liked the option of directly clicking on an installed item to access the registry editor for each installed program.

Additionally, an arbitrary “like” button has been added. We can only picture a small audience publicly using this button to express their love for a system tool. So do whatever makes you happy.

The cleaning powerhouse that is Wise Program Uninstaller is agile and efficient. For anyone who routinely maintains a PC, we prefer it to the default Windows control panel.

The Wise Program Uninstaller also has an excellent in-app support section. If you have questions about how to use a product or have suggestions for improvement, you may message the company’s support staff straight from the app. A notice will be sent to you when the team responds.

Custom Uninstall lets you delete programs that aren’t usually compatible with removal. You can choose apps to uninstall from their root folder using this feature.

In the Wise Uninstaller’s rate column, you can view the ratings other app users have given each piece of software. So again, it works well as a tool for crowdsourcing.

Primary Features:

The Wise Uninstaller program’s primary function is to remove any software programs you choose from your PC. The app lists all the installed programs on your PC as soon as you run it. Any name on this list can be selected to start the uninstall process. Software programs can be uninstalled individually or in bulk by marking them as a group.

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When you choose the software you want to uninstall, you have two options: Safe Uninstall and Force Uninstall. Safe Uninstall removes software using its uninstaller, while Compelled performs a detailed scan to find and delete any files connected to the app. Therefore, the safest option is Safe Uninstall, while Forced should only be used as a last resort.


The free version of Wise Program Uninstaller is available. There is no cost associated. The WiseCleaner official website is where you can download it.

A significant advantage over rivals is that Wise Program Uninstaller is free. Consider the uninstaller as a goodwill marketing tool for WiseCleaner’s other software items, which may seem strange. Most competing software uninstallers have paid for premium versions, but WiseCleaner chose not to do so.

Friendly User-Interface

It is simple to download, set up, and operate Wise Program Uninstaller. Since it’s free, downloading the setup file from the official website only requires one click. Run the setup file after that, and the installation only takes a few seconds. Now that you’re ready, use the app.

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Your computer’s installed programs are listed on the user interface, where you can choose to uninstall them one at a time or in groups. There aren’t any perplexing menus or functions buried deep beneath specific menus.

Instead, this UI is easy to learn and use because the software has one primary function: uninstalling apps.

Frequently Asked Questions

When the uninstallation procedure is complete, Wise Software Uninstaller will check the uninstalled program’s leftovers (files and registries) and prompt you to click Remove to get rid of them.

Some apps’ uninstalling processes did not altogether remove all linked files. Some of them will continue to be maintained in the registry list or other locations, making it difficult for regular cleaning software to locate and remove them.

The latest version of this utility software is Wise Program Uninstaller V 4.3.4.


Wise Program Uninstaller is a functional and practical solution for removing unwanted programs from your computer. It’s one of the greatest software uninstallers because it’s free and straightforward.

Moreover, if you struggle to clean your disk, we suggest the Wise Disk Cleaner. It is a free disk cleaning software made to assist you in maintaining a clean disk by removing pointless files.

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