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Wise Registry Cleaner helps you to get rid of junk files in your Windows registry, clean registry garbage, fix registry issues, and maintain optimum PC performance.

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Wise Registry Cleaner Review -Fast Registry Cleaner Software

Getting into the depths of anything, we should analyze its review instantly. So, to speed up your PC, you must do it with a registry cleaner. Software programs installed on your PC rely on the Windows Registry, a library of instructions, to perform their tasks. So, before you do anything with Wise Registry Cleaner, make sure you go through our Wise Registry Cleaner review.

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The speed and performance of your apps may suffer if a registry fills up with invalid entries. Consequently, you must install a registry cleaning program on your device. One such instrument is the Wise Registry Cleaner. A software company with headquarters in the US and China, WiseCleaner created the Wise Registry Cleaner. 

The Wise Registry Cleaner is one of the company’s most well-known products. WiseCleaner supplies a wide range of software solutions for system optimization and security.

In addition, Wise Registry Cleaner is a cutting-edge registry cleaner application for Windows that is available without charge.

Other capabilities include the ability to schedule cleanings, produce registry backups, and upgrade software while it is running.



Suggestions on the Wise Registry Cleaner

The ability to establish a cleaning schedule and the automated registry backups are undoubtedly our favorite features.

As our Registry Cleaner FAQ demonstrates, you don’t need to periodically clean your registry. Likewise, it won’t be required to use the scheduling feature, but it’s essential to know that most registry cleaners only have this feature in their paid editions.

The Wise Registry Cleaner’s feature that we like is the way it clearly displays after a scan which registry routes are problem-free and which need to be fixed. Additionally, it says “unsafe” registry errors, which makes it simple to rapidly ascertain the nature of the issues discovered.

The fact that the application updates virtually regularly and you don’t have to manually download new versions is fantastic. Simply click the update link at the program’s bottom to download and install the setup file whenever an update is necessary.

Premium Package

There are “free” and “premium” versions of the Wise Registry Cleaner program. Compared to the free one, the premium edition has more features. Therefore, paying for the premium version to utilize the software is best.

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3 Computer
$ 29
1 Year License validity period
  • Multi-Users Registry Cleaning
  • Fix Registry Problems
  • Boost Your PC Performance
  • Backup & Restore Windows System
  • Scheduled Automatic Registry Cleaning
  • Optimizes System Settings
  • Customizable Cleanup Options

First, the Wise Care 365 Pro frequently offers $29.95 to first-time customers. Then, through PayPal or a credit or debit card, you can pay for it directly on the Wise Care 365 Pro.

Premium Features

Identifying and erasing registry mistakes is the primary function of Wise Registry Cleaner. First, the program searches the Windows registry for extraneous or pointless items and lists them. Following that, you can immediately delete these items from the app. Wise Registry Cleaner supports three different types of scanning:

Image Credit: WiseCleaner
Image Credit: WiseCleaner

While the deep scan typically takes longer, the rapid scan is completed in a few minutes. First, how many registry entries are there? Following that, you will determine how long the custom area scan takes.

The Wise Registry Cleaner allows you to program automatic checks for mistakes in your Windows registry. For instance, you could program it to perform a scan automatically every day at a specific time.

In addition, you can set it to launch each time your computer starts up.

User-Friendly Interface

The Wise Registry Cleaner was simple to download, set up, and use. The setup file is always available for download from the WiseCleaner website. After that, launch the setup file to start the installation. Ours took around a minute to complete, after which we found the app.

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After starting it up, you should immediately notice Wise Registry Cleaner’s tidy, straightforward user interface. There is no stress in locating somebody because all of the app’s capabilities fit into three menus. As a result, it is simple to grasp for any PC user.

Frequently Asked Questions

Since new registry entries will be created when you install an application and uninstall the application, these entries need to be instantly removed. Unfortunately, things don’t always go as planned.

This error message could appear after doing registry defragmentation. This is because the security program (antivirus software) is guarding the registry and preventing wise registry cleaning from defragmenting the registry, which is the cause.

The latest version of this utility software is Wise Registry Cleaner V 8.2.


When it comes to cleaning up any issues with your Windows registry, Wise Registry Cleaner is still a fantastic tool.

Wise Registry Cleaner should be your first choice if you want to keep your PC speedier and more optimized. It is one of the most excellent registry cleaner programs to date.

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